“Where healthy
does not equal boring”
- LA Times

"Who gets an angus
burger at a place called
Greenleaf? This guy!"
-Matt @ Costa Mesa

“Trust me, you can dance.”
- Tequila

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for your office or event

LemonadePink SauceGreen Sauce

eat well. live well.

At the crossroads of delicious and simple, our drive to love, laugh and live longer was born. We look beyond today, forging our legacy out of authentic experiences, fresh ingredients and exceptional people. We thirst for wellness beyond our menu and into our practices, honoring the earth and its natural environment. Innovation and creativity lead our Farm-to-Face spirit, setting standards of extraordinary taste and quality. At the heart, we are family, fueled by a passion to live a healthy life. We are Greenleaf.

seasonal specials

primavera pizza

eat slow bowl

spicy chipotle chicken sandwich

grilled artichokes

spring berry salad

LemonadePink SaucePink Sauce

let us make your event unforgettable.

Whether you’re having a few friends over for a special occasion, a dream wedding or a corporate function, our catering team will allow you to focus on your guests and enjoy our unique food while we take care of the rest.  We deliver unsurpassed personalized and professional service to help make your event unforgettable.

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